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Holmes Student Center Facilities Policy
Procedure No. 1-11
Issued 8/2010
The policy of Northern Illinois University with respect to making Holmes Student Center facilities available for meetings, conferences, short courses and seminars, etc. within the context of continuing education for other than on-campus recognized student groups shall be that:
  1. The decisions for scheduling Holmes Student Center facilities within the existing policy and priority are the responsibility of the Holmes Student Center Director.

  2. With the exception of the Christmas and summer periods, evening use of the Ballroom, Regency Room, Sandburg Auditorium, Illinois Room, Capitol Room, Lincoln Room, Douglas Room, and Rooms 303, 304, 305, 306,403, 404, 503, and 504 cannot be scheduled by non-student organizations until after the publication of the Advanced Room Reservations. Rooms 405, 406, 505, 506, the Sky Room, and Heritage Room may be scheduled by non-student organizations before publication of the Advanced Room Reservations.

  3. Priority for approval for the use of Holmes Student Center facilities is as follows:
    1. Student organizations and events.
    2. Faculty and staff organizations and events.
    3. Educational meetings sponsored by the university or academic departments within its colleges.
    4. Educational meetings sponsored by the university or its colleges in conjunction with outside organizations.
    5. Meetings fulfilling university requirements sponsored entirely by outside organizations.
  1. Within the university policy and the established priority, these facilities may be scheduled several years in advance subject to the provisions in the contract whereby final approval of facilities use is contingent upon the priorities listed in paragraph 2, and where possible within the priorities listed in paragraph 3.

  2. Conference activities of more than one-day duration using facilities in HSC and facilities outside HSC which attract primarily an off-campus clientele, such as conferences, workshops, and continuing education functions sponsored by Northern Illinois University, shall be coordinated through the CONFERENCE AND INSTITUTE OFFICE.

  3. Conferences, seminars, workshops and similar functions sponsored by non-university organizations will be scheduled in the Holmes Student Center. Overflow will be scheduled for other facilities as space permits in accordance with existing university policy.
Policy for Usage of the University Suite

The University Suite in the Holmes Student Center was designed for special use by members of the Board of Trustees and the President to conduct university activities. The University Suite is not intended to be regularly scheduled as a meeting room. There are appropriate activities, however, for which the Suite may be used by people other than the Board of Trustees and the President. The policy and guidelines for usage of the University Suite are as follows:
  1. Special activities that may be approved to use the University Suite are:
Meetings - A maximum of 30 people seated around tables. Theater-style seating should be held in other rooms in the Holmes Student Center. Receptions - A maximum of 100 people for both the Dining Room and Living Room. Meals - A maximum of 30 people for meals in the Dining Room. Guest Bedroom - Special guests associated with conferences may use the bedroom with permission of the President.
  1. Student organizations must have a faculty advisor in attendance at receptions and dinners.
  2. Rates are charged on a group basis and are subject to change annually.
There is no charge for the use of the University Suite when a meal is served.
These rates does not apply to official university activities supported or exempted by the President.
The University Alcoholic Beverage Policy must be observed at all activities in the University Suite.