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Travel Vouchers - Preparation
Procedure No. 4-31
Revision 7/2009
  1. Memorandum of Expenditures

    A memorandum of all travel expenditures properly chargeable to the University shall be kept by individuals subject to the travel regulations. The information thus accumulated shall be available for the proper preparation of travel vouchers.

  2. Preparation of Travel Vouchers

    1. Travel Voucher Forms-All claims for the reimbursement of traveling expenses shall be submitted on authorized reimbursement forms and shall be itemized in accordance with the regulations. The computerized form is available on the Accounting Office home page at <>

    2. Routing-The original completed travel voucher and receipts should be forwarded to your Department Head or Fund Advisor. The traveler should retain a copy of the voucher and all receipts for his files. After approval, the Department Head or Fund Advisor should forward the original to the Accounting Office for processing. The department number or fund number on which the funds are to be drawn should be placed above the Department Head’s signature in the space provided.

    3. When to Submit-Travel vouchers should be submitted to the Accounting Office as soon as possible after completing travel. As a guideline, they should be submitted within 30 days of completion of travel.

    4. Departure and Arrival Time-The date and time of departure from and the date and time of return to traveler’s official headquarters should be shown.

    5. Reporting of Expenses (voucher columns)

      1. Auto Reimbursement-Report trip mileage and among for private automobiles used on official business. Parking and toll charges must be reported under “Other Expenses”.
        When a privately owned vehicle is used, the travel voucher shall show the dates and points of travel, mileage, and mode of transportation. If the distance traveled between any given points is greater than the usual route between these points as shown on the road map, the reason for the greater distance shall be stated on the voucher. A statement indicating the reason for using a privately owned vehicle shall also be shown on the face of the travel voucher.

      2. Plane, Train or Bus Fare-This column should be used to report the cost of the primary mode of transportation. Incidental charges should be reported under “Other Expenses.”

      3. Lodging-For hotel or motel accommodations, the receipts bill or invoice form must be attached. Lodging, telephone charges, and restaurant charges are frequently listed together on a hotel bill. These charges must be separated and listed under the appropriate columns of the voucher. These charges should not be listed together in the “Lodging” column.

      4. Meals-Report actual cost of meals including tips, not to exceed amounts specified in the travel regulations, Procedure No. 4-30. When the per diem rate applies, do not attempt to separate incidental expenses included in the per diem rate. Cost centers may require receipts for meal charges.

      5. Other Expenses-All other allowable expenditures not covered above should be reported under this caption. Sample Travel Voucher

    6. Receipts-All receipts must be original documents and are mandatory for expenses in excess of $10.00.

    7. Purpose-The purpose of each trip must be stated below the other trip data.

    8. Signatures-All copies of the voucher must be signed by the individual who has incurred the expense and by the appropriate Department Head. Vouchers submitted by a Department Head must be signed by a Dean or Division Head, those submitted by a Dean or Division Head must be signed by the responsible Vice President, and those of a Vice President must be forwarded to the Office of the President for approval. Vouchers submitted by Grant or Local Fund advisors require the signature of an appropriate upper level staff member.

    9. Other Information

      1. Submitting the Travel Voucher-All travel expenses incurred in any one month may be shown on one voucher. For the traveler’s convenience, a travel voucher may be prepared upon the completion of each individual trip.

      2. Requesting a Car-If a University car is to be used for transportation, a “Request for Transportation” form must be filled out, signed by the Department Head, and submitted to the Transportation Office, Dorland Building. The Transportation Office requires the recording of the user’s Driver’s License identification number and expiration date prior to releasing a University vehicle.

      3. Fund Sources-These travel procedures apply to all University travel regardless of source of funds. A travel voucher involving more than one source of funds or line item should indicate account number and amounts.

      4. Travel of Candidates-(See Procedure No. 4-37)

    10. Individuals submitting travel vouchers are personally responsible for their accuracy and propriety. Any misrepresentation may be cause for disciplinary or legal action.

    11. Accounting Office Responsibilities-Each travel voucher will be reviewed for completeness, proper receipts, clerical accuracy and University policy. Questions will be referred to the traveler or, if necessary, to the Department Head (of Fund Advisor). Travel voucher checks will be written from university funds and sent to the address shown on the travel voucher.

If there are any questions concerning the completion of your travel voucher, contact the Travel Voucher clerk in the Accounting Office-Telephone: 753-6128.