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Meal Coupon
Procedure No. 4-39
Issued 7/2001

The university meal coupon may be obtained for guests of the university at the Vice President or Dean's Office.

Meal Coupon Form

Instructions for Completing University Meal Coupon

  1. Valid on (Date) - Enter the date on which the coupon will be used.
  2. Purpose - Indicate the university business purpose, i.e., interviewing, guest speaker, etc.
  3. Guest Names - List the names of all of the individuals who will be in attendance at the meal. Each individual must be identified as either a state (S) or non-state (N) employee.
  4. Approved for - Enter the number of people listed in #3 above.
  5. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner - Check the appropriate box for the meal which is authorized.
  6. Pheasant Room, Mc Donalds, or Blackhawk Room - Check the appropriate box to indicate which of the Holmes Student Center's dining facilities will be used.
  7. Account No. - Enter the account number to be charged for this meal. Expenses for meals covered by the use of this coupon would normally be charged to Contractual Services.
  8. $ Limit - The administrator approving the use of the coupon may enter a dollar limitation.
  9. Approved by - Signature of the authorized person approving the meal.