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Procurement Services
Procedure No. 9-0
Issued 12/2015

The Office of Procurement Services at Northern Illinois University within the Division of Administration and Finance is a team of professional, trained buyers assigned to specific categories that sources all necessary goods and services required by all departments of the University to insure cost-effective, efficient purchasing while maintaining strict compliance with the Illinois Procurement Code and all other rules and laws that govern purchasing for a public institution of higher education in the State of Illinois. 

In addition to sourcing and compliance activities, the Office of Procurement Services provides support for current and prospective vendors, including explanation of eligibility requirements to do business with the University as an agency of the State of Illinois.  Vendors must meet approved specifications, delivery and/or service requirements, and offer the lowest acceptable price based on competitive bids/proposals.

Only those individuals granted agency by the University are authorized to obligate the University to the purchase of goods and services, including Procurement Services staff members and procurement card (p-card) holders on campus.   Commitments made directly by, or implied by, any other member of the faculty or staff are not binding on the University.  If a vendor ships goods or provides services to the University without having a valid purchase order issued by Procurement Services, except where allowed under p-card policy, the University is not obligated to pay the invoice.

True emergency situations do occur from time to time that may require goods to be shipped or services performed before a purchase order can be issued.  Should you encounter an emergency situation, contact the Office of Procurement Services immediately to determine proper procurement method.