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Furniture Repair
Procedure No. 11-1
Issued 7/2001
  1. Furniture Repair Services
  2. Furniture Repair Services, located in the Dorland Building, is part of the Materials Management Department. This operation provides renovation and repair services for university-owned furnishings, including furniture, carpeting, drapery, and window blinds on a direct cost chargeback to the requesting department.

    The operation purchases and maintains an inventory of new commercial grade carpet stock in a limited selection of colors. Installation is also arranged by Furniture Repair Services through open order contracts with professional installers. The cost of installation is also charged back to the customer.

    A wide selection of fabrics, patterns, and colors of upholstery fabric is available from several suppliers used by Furniture Repair Services. A more limited selection of fabric is carried in stock. Upholstery services include recovering, repairing, new cushions, re-webbing, spring repair, and any other work necessary to restore quality furniture to like-new condition.

    Furniture Repair Services also custom fabricates drapery from a wide selection of drapery fabrics available from several suppliers. Services include custom measuring, ordering of drapery rods, fabrication of finished drapery, and installation. Repairs to existing drapery are also available from professional technicians.

    Window blinds, both vertical and horizontal, are available in custom-fit sizes and a wide variety of colors on special order. Installation services are also coordinated and provided where appropriate.

    All types of furniture repairs, to both metal and wood-framed furniture, are available through the operation, including refinishing of wood surfaces, re-laminating of laminate surfaces, recovering of acoustical panels and workstation partitions, and custom fabrication of wood components where needed.

  3. Work Request Procedures

    1. Call Furniture Repair Services at 753-6287 and discuss the type of repair work needed.
    2. Items can be examined on site or picked up for shop evaluation at Furniture Repair Services.
    3. Choose fabric and color desired for upholstery and drapery fabrication, or request fabric samples for review at your department location.
    4. Indicate whether a pre-job cost estimate is needed.
    5. Provide a valid university account number by e-mail to the Furniture Repair Manager to initiate a job order.
    6. When the billing account number has been provided, a work order will be initiated to have items picked up by Central Stores movers or Furniture Repair Services staff.
    7. When the work is completed, the items will be returned to the customer for approval, and the billing will be processed to the General Accounting Office for internal transfer of funds.

  4. Pre-Job Estimate
  5. Estimates will be furnished upon request, after detailed inspection of the items needing work, on a guaranteed "cost estimate plus 10%" basis. If the actual cost is below the estimate furnished, the lower amount will be charged.

  6. Approved Line Items for Furniture Repair Charges

    1. Revenue Bond accounts may charge repair work to PeopleSoft account #693100 (repair and maintenance) or #693050 (in university residence halls).
    2. Local Fund accounts may charge to account #690005 or #693100.
    3. General Revenue accounts may charge to account #690005 only (contractual services).

All billings are processed against departmental budgets through an internal transfer of funds.