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ITS Document Services
Procedure No.12-1
Updated 8/2005

ITS Document Services is located on the east side of the Human Resources Building at 1515 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb. We offer a variety of services to accommodate the printing, duplicating, and copying requirements of the University.  The following operations are all integrated into ITS Document Services: prepress, digital printing, offset printing, bindery/finishing, Standard Mail (A) preparation, Quick Print, copier service, software distribution, promotional products, and document scanning.

We produce color, black and white copies, and black and full color transparencies.  We carry an extensive assortment of papers in white, bright, and muted colors, all in various sizes and weights.  We provide finishing services including thermal tape binding, folding, collating, and stapling.  We also have a fax service to send documents, graphics, and photographic images anywhere in the United States.

For service, you may stop in our office during our business hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, send your job electronically through e-mail (, or call 815‑753‑6284 to order courier service that will pick up your job.

On the following pages is the new price list for the fiscal year 2006.  For more information, you can reach us at 815-753-1692 or visit our website at

Quick Print

This area handles most duplicating and printing needs. Most jobs are completed within 24 hours, and we will do everything we can to ensure a top-quality finished product completed to your satisfaction.  We have the latest technology, including a 600-dpi color laser printer and Canon Image Runner 110 printers that produce 600-dpi output at 110 pages per minute.

Offset Printing

We are a full service printing facility that can complete any job regardless of size or work. Our offset printing area handles all printing jobs that cannot be completed by Quick Print. These include jobs where plates need to be made, paper needs to be cut, composition work needs to be done, or bindery services are required. Below is a list of most of the services we offer in this area. Please call 815-753‑1692 to inquire about the many additional services we offer.


Business cards



Letterhead paper

          Miscellaneous Printing

Booklets, brochures, pamphlets

Carbonless forms


          Prepress Services

Color proofs


Disk and file conversion (HTML, etc)

Electronic submission of files

Image imposition


Masking Flats

Printed pieces on CD-ROM



Electronic (inklet)

          Finishing Services


Book binding (saddle stitch, perfect, plastic coil, plastic comb, and thermal tape)









Sealing tab application

Shrink wrapping



Standard Mail (A)

ITS Document Services offers mailing services to make it easier for you to send Standard Mail. Below is the information you will need to use this service. If you have any other questions or concerns, contact us at Document Services, 815-753-6137 or 753-1692.  For technical information regarding your mailings, visit / click on svc.guides then DMM.

Standard Mail Services

          Preparation and delivery to U.S. Postal Service including:

Bundling in trays or bags

Application of postal stickers

Completion of postal statement

          Insertion of material into envelopes



          Sealing of envelopes

          Application of indicia

          Application of labels

8.5”x11” 30 up or 33 up, laser labels

Ink jet labeling - file must be emailed or provided on disk

Information Needed for Submission on a Request for Services Form

          Contact name

          Contact phone



          Account number (cost center portion of PeopleSoft number or Project/Grant number)

          Authorized signature for account

          Number of pieces in mailing (all pieces in mailing must be exactly the same materials with a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds of addressed pieces.)


You will be billed for Standard Mail (A) on your regular ITS Document Services bill each month.

Non Profit Standard Mail Eligibility

Colleges – Universities

The following will summarize the eligibility, authorization, and mailing rules for nonprofit Standard Mail (A) rates for educational organizations.

1.        Eligibility—Educational organization is a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to instruct or train individuals for improving or developing their capabilities or to instruct the public on subjects beneficial to the community.

2.        Authorized qualified Political Committees—The following committees may be authorized to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail (A) rates without regard to their nonprofit status:

a.        National committee of a political party (the organization responsible for the party’s day-to-day operation at the national level)

b.        A state committee of a political party (the organization responsible for the party’s day-to-day operation at the state level)

c.        The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

d.        The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

e.        The National Republican Congressional Committee

f.         The National Republican Senatorial Committee

3.        Mailing Rules/General Standards—Authorized organizations may enter an individual bulk mailing at the Nonprofit Standard Mail (A) rates if all these standards are met:

a.        The mailing is made up of Standard Mail (A) matter only

b.        The mailing contains at least 200 pieces or 50 pounds of addressed pieces

c.        The mailing is prepared according to the postal standards in the Domestic Mail Manual (i.e. sorted into proper 3 digit, 5 digit zip codes)

d.        The mailing is the organization’s own mail

e.        The mailing does not contain products or advertising (i.e. insurance policies, credit cards, billing statements, grade evaluations) ineligible for mailing at the Nonprofit Standard Mail (A) rates.

f.         The mailing is accompanied by the appropriate postage statement (3602 N).  

Guidelines for Submission

Each type of mail has different guidelines.

Standard Mail Classes


1.        Newspapers and magazines issued at least four times a year by a publisher who mails at the periodical rate on the basis of a permit obtained from the U.S. Post Office.

2.        A mailer other than the publisher can mail individual, complete copies of a publication at the “Transient Periodical” rate. This includes regular newspapers and magazines that have such endorsement.

          Standard Mail (A)

This group consists of circulars, books, catalogs and other printed materials such as newsletters, corrected proof sheets with manuscript copy, and not otherwise required as first class mail. It also includes merchandise, farm and factory products, photographs, keys and printed drawings. Each piece of mail is limited in weight to less than 16 ounces. The same material weighing 16 ounces or more is classified as special standard or parcel post mail.

          Non-Profit Standard Mail (A)

In order to utilize the non-standard mail rate, the mailing must meet the following criteria:

1.        Minimum of 200 pieces or total weight of at least 50 pounds.

2.        Each piece must weigh less than 16 ounces.

3.        All pieces must be identical in size and weight.

4.        Cannot be foreign mail.

5.        Envelopes should be sealed, not tucked.

6.        Tabbing is required for self-mailers

For this type of mail, the permit imprint method is the choice for sending:

1.        Permit imprint method:

a.        May be printed on the wrapper or piece of mail by the printer.

          Non-Profit Standard Mail (B)

Standard mail (B) is defined as merchandise or printed matter weighing over 16 ounces. The distance of destination determines the mailing rate.

1.        All packages must be securely wrapped and labeled if “Fragile” or for “Rattle OK.”

2.        Packages must be large enough for the recipient’s address, return address and postage to be placed all on one side.

3.        Letters may be enclosed in a package and labeled on the outside of the package “Letter Enclosed.”

4.        If the letter is attached to the outside of the package, the address on the package and the letter must be the same.

5.        The weight limit is 70 pounds for all eight zones in the U.S.

6.        The size of the package cannot exceed 84 inches in length and girth.

          Media Mail

The special standard rate applies, in general, to the following:

1.        Books of 24 pages or more, of which at least 8 pages are printed.

2.        Films of 16 millimeter or narrower width.

3.        Printed music in bound or sheet form.

4.        Printed objectives test materials and their accessories.

5.        Sound recordings.

6.        Play scripts and manuscripts for books.

7.        Loose-leaf pages and binders containing medical information.

8.        Educational reference charts.

9.        Computer-readable media.

Each parcel mailed under this category must be endorsed “Media Mail," or "Library Mail", or "Library Rate," and be labeled with a description of the contents, such as “Books” or “Printed Music.”

Use of Postal Permits

ITS Documents Services maintains accounts for a Non-Profit Postal Permit at the Rockford Post Office and Non-Profit and Standard Mail (A) Postal Permits at the DeKalb Post Office. Unauthorized use of these Postal Permits is prohibited. Under no circumstances may funds be withdrawn from or deposited into ITS Document Services accounts supporting these Postal Permits. All vendors and any customers with questions on how to complete paperwork to use these Postal Permits should contact us at 753-6136 for assistance.

Copier Services

The NIU copier service is a network of over 260 digital copies located on the main campus and the four satellite campuses at Hoffman Estates, Naperville, Rockford, and Oregon. Fifty-four public copiers are strategically located in most campus buildings for use by the university community. 110 campus copiers are accessed through a university-wide Huskie Bucks system that includes the choice of pre-paid debit cards or pay-as-you-go credit cards.

Service Calls

To place a service call for any copier or copy card reader, please call the Gorden Flesch Company at 800-950-4717, and have the copier or card reader ID number available for the dispatcher. If a copier or card reader is not functioning, please tell the dispatcher so that the service call will be given the proper priority.  

Departmental Copiers

For any questions or concerns regarding departmental copies, including replacement or relocation of copiers, please call, 753-8383.

Huskie Prints

Huskie Prints, located in Founders Memorial Library (FML), is responsible for all university copy cards and all public and departmental copiers. Huskie Prints is located on the west side of the main floor. If you are experiencing trouble with a public copier or have any questions about using any of the copiers, call 753-1662.

Huskie Bucks Credit Card Program

Department credit cards may be ordered on a Request for Huskie Bucks Cards form. Credit cards are primarily used by university departments and are billed each month based on usage. Huskie Bucks credit cards are only available for use in campus copiers.

Huskie Bucks Debit Card Program

You may use the existing Huskie Bucks accounts set up on your NIU OneCard when copying. If you do not have a Huskie Bucks account and would like to have one, please visit the OneCard office on the lower level of the Holmes Student Center near TCF Bank to open an account, 753-9569. Huskie Bucks cards may be purchased from a card dispenser conveniently located throughout campus. Huskies Bucks are prepaid and carry a dollar value on each card. The value transfer stations (VTS) card dispensers are located at Founders Memorial Library (on the 1st floor), the Holmes Student Center on the main floor, Swen Parsen Hall in the Law Library and the lower level hall by vending machines, Learning Center in Gabel #8, Campus Recreation by vending machines, NIU Naperville, NIU Hoffman Estates, and NIU Rockford. These machines can also add value to Huskie Bucks cards. Huskie Bucks cards may also be purchased at the Huskie Prints register using your Mastercard or Visa credit card.

Fax Machine

A fax machine is available throught ITS Document Services for your convenience. The machine is at the Huskie Prints service desk located in Founders Memorial Library on the first floor by the west windows. (For security reasons, there are no incoming fax transmissions.) Please see the customer service representative a the Huskie Prints service desk.

Color Copies

A self-service color copier is available in Founders Memorial Library on the main floor by the Huskie Prints service desk.  It only accepts Huskie Bucks Cards.  Color copies can also be ordered through Quick Print.

Public Copier Locations  

Founders Memorial Library

10 in the Periodicals departments, 1st floor

1 each on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors

1 self-service color copier, 1st floor

Holmes Student Center

2 on the main floor

Swen Parson Hall

2 in the Law Library

1 by the Bursar's office

Residence Halls

1 Douglas Hall

1 Grant South

1 Grant North

1 Lincoln Hall

1 Neptune Central

1 Stevenson North

Art Building—3rd floor

Barsema Hall-1st and 2nd floors


College of Engineering—library

Davis Hall—1st floor

Davis Hall—Map Library

DuSable Hall—1st floor

Faraday Hall

       1 in the west lobby

       1 in the library

Gabel Hall

      2 in the Learning Center, room 8

      1 by room 150 - 1st floor

Gilbert Hall -lobby

Lowden Hall Lounge - 104

Montgomery Hall—2nd floor      

Music Building—library

NIU Hoffman Estates-library

NIU Naperville—resource center

NIU Rockford—library

Psychology Building—3rd floor

Reavis Hall—by vending machines

School of Nursing—by vending machines

Still Gym - 1st floor

Wirtz Hall—1st floor, NE hall

Zulauf Hall

       1 on 1st floor

       1on 3rd floor


To provide NIU departments, faculty, and staff with affordable software and a convenient delivery service, ITS Document Services distributes and tracks software licenses. A software license is the right to use software.  To obtain a license, complete one of our forms and return by fax or campus mail.  Users can obtain information, forms and software from ITS Document Services by calling 753-7600, by reviewing the ITS website (, or you may stop by our office in HR 157.

Microsoft Select Agreement

The Microsoft Select Agreement is a contract that NIU entered into with Microsoft in order to provide the campus with an enormous selection of Microsoft software licenses at an affordable price. The selection includes Windows, Office, Servers and Developer Tools.  There are server applications, operating systems, and software that are available through the Select Agreement that are not covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement.  For more information and a complete list of products please contact us at 753-7600, or visit our website.

Microsoft Campus Agreement

NIU offers all departments the opportunity to join the Microsoft Campus Agreement. The Microsoft Campus Agreement is an annually renewable licensing program. Please check our website for information on how and when your department may join this program.

Microsoft products included in the Microsoft Campus Agreement* are:

Microsoft Office Professional

Microsoft Office Macintosh Edition

Microsoft Windows R 32-bit Operating System Upgrade ( Windows XP or lower)

Microsoft Front Page R

Microsoft Visual Studio R  Professional Edition

Microsoft Core Client Access License (CAL)

*Products included change periodically, please see our website for a current list. Oter software is available at an additional price.

Some of the software, included in the Microsoft Campus Agreement can be used by faculty and staff at work or at home.   Home use must be for school-related purposes.   Other limitations apply to home use, please consult our website and our software forms for more detailed information.  To learn more about the Microsoft Campus Agreement, go to our website at  or call 753-7600.

General Information

Licenses include the right to use the software on a specific NIU computer. Licenses do not include documentation or media (CDs). Please note that software keys distributed with any software licensed through Document Services shall be kept confidential and used solely for the purposes of installing the software licensed.

Many CDs can be used for 7 days and returned, or you can purchase CDs for all software for only $10.00 per CD (some restrictions may apply for home use.)

Application forms for all our software can be downloaded from the ITS Document Service website at:

or you can call us at 753-7600, and we will be glad to e-mail you a copy of the form.

CDs can be delivered to you free of charge via our courier service to DeKalb campus departments.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

All software terms, conditions and pricing are subject to change. Please consult our forms and website for the most current information.

Price List FY 2006


Standard NIU letterhead, envelopes, business cards. Please call for prices on non-standard stationery requests. Visit our online site and receive an instant proof and faster turnaround:



One Color

Two Color




black + 1935

White wove Letterhead

500 minimum


$  93.00

5.5 x 8.5    (24#)

First 1,000




Each addl. 1,000


$ 39.00





White wove Letterhead

500 minimum



8.5 x 11      (24#)

First 1,000




Each addl. 1,000


$ 52.00





White wove envelopes

500 minimum

$ 88.00


#10 (to match Letterhead)

First 1,000




Each addl. 1,000

$ 56.00

$ 84.00





Bond envelopes

500 minimum



#6.75, #9, #10

First 1,000



#10 window

Each addl. 1,000


$ 49.00





Standard 80# business

500 minimum











48 hour business cards –








(65# white 8.5 x 11)








100# business cards

500 minimum





Blank 2nd sheet letterhead – no minimum order, $25.73 per 1,000 sheets


Quick Print:

High speed digital printing within 24 hours, free pick up and delivery service available to campus departments.











8.5 x 11Bond (white/recycled, 3 hole)





8.5 x 11 Bond (colored)





8.5 x 11 25% Rag (thesis)     





8.5 x 11 Special papers (brights, parch.)





8.5 x 11 Cover Papers (standard/brights)





8.5 x 14 Bond 20# (white)





11 x 17 Bond 20# (white)





11 x 17 Bond 20# (colored)





11 x 17 Special paper (brights, etc.)








Network printing:

One copy/page*

(output from PeopleSoft, etc)


8.5 x 11 bond (20# white/recycled)




Mainframe printing:

One copy/page*

8.5 x 11 Bond (20# white/recycled)




Color copies:

One copy/page*

8.5 x 11 full color copies**


11 x 17 full color copies**






8.5 x 11 black transparencies


8.5 x 11 full color transparencies






Thermal tape binding, black only


Folding, single sheet only (half, letter, double parallel)




*page is defined as one side of a sheet


**for camera ready art without manipulations


All quick print copying prices include collating, stapling, and free pick up and delivery for campus departments.  Call 753-6284 to schedule a pick up. You can also e-mail .pdf files to

Copier services:



Department copiers/credit card copies



Department credit copy cards (Huskies Bucks)



Reported lost department credit copy cards



Debit copy cards (Huskie Bucks)    



Debit card copies    8.5 x 11 black/white


Debit card network printing (Founders)



Debit card microforms printing (Founders)



FAX (Founders)









CD production:



CD duplication


$5.00 each

Please call 753-1699 for pricing on creating CDs from original files or other media.

Document Scanning / File Conversion:

We now offer document scanning (scan to pdf and email to customer) fo as litle as $0.08 per page. We also offer file conversion at an introductory rate of $7.00 per day for file <1 MB. Contact us at 753-8473 for additional informaton and pricing on document scanning and file conversion services.

Mail preparation prices:*


Creating electronic labels ($10.00 minimum)

$0.01 each


(labels merged onto documents as they are printed)


Printing inkjet labels

$0.04 each


(labels sprayed on to documents after they are printed)


Creating/printing labels on precut or Avery label stock

$0.06 each

Envelope inserting (two insert minimum)

$0.01 each


(folded letter into #10 envelope)


Sealing envelopes  

$0.02 each

Standard mail (A) [bulk mail] preparation



Prep for letters

$0.02 each


Prep for flats

$0.03 each

Standard mail permit pre-inked rubber stamp

$19.00 each



Offset printing prices:

Price estimates are available through the department’s estimator at 753-8473 or email at We will meet or beat any written quote for offset prinint for NIU organizations and departments. Some exceptions may apply. We reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time without notice.

Promotional products:

We carry a full line of personalized promotional products such as:

Bags/banners/balloons/bumper stickers
Cd Caes/mouse pads

Flashlights/key chains/ice scrapers
Frisbees/beach balls/stress balls
Golf tees/balls/par packs/umbrellas/visors
Megaphones/stadium cushions
Mugs/can insulators/travel mugs
Soft sided lunch coolers/sport duffels/fanny packs
Tee shirts/polo shirts/ swweatshirts/ponchos/jackets
Thermometers/tape measures
Tote bags/saddle bags/sling bags/back packs

Please contact Tammy Lawson at 753-1632 for information and assistance.

Preprinted items:


Campus maps, color

$0.50 each

Conference pocket folders*

$0.50 each

Report covers, 8.5” x 11”*

$0.15 each

Table tents*

$0.15 each

Invitations (horizontal orientation, 2 per page)**




** Custom printing is available on this item at additional cost.


* Automated processing only, call 753-6137for others.  Mail preparation prices do not include postage.

Surcharges and standard turn-around (camera ready art):


Simple: one color; 5,000 or less; simple bindery

(trimming, half fold, letter fold, double parallel fold)

Standard service: 5 business days

50% surcharge if less than 5 business days

100% surcharge if less than 3 business days

Complex: more than one color; 5,000 or more; complex bindery

Standard service: 10 business days

50% surcharge if less than 10 business days

100% surcharge if less than 5 business days

Quick Print: (includes pick-up and delivery by Document Services)

Standard service: 24 hours

50% surcharge if less than 24 hours

100% surcharge if less than 4 hours

Keyboard service: (desktop publishing, typesetting, text and image manipulation)

Standard service: 5 business days

50% surcharge if less than 2 business days

100% surcharge if less than 1 business day

Offset printing

Letterhead/envelopes (includes keyboarding)

Standard service: 10 business days (7 business days for online orders)

(same surcharges as simple printing)

Business cards (includes keyboarding)

Standard service: 10 business days (7 business for online orders)

(same surcharges as simple printing)

Local delivery: (does not include digital quick printing)

Standard delivery by Materials Management: included in printing cost

Custom delivery by Document Services (per item or box): $10.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Completion dates are dependent on the timely approval of custom proofs. The production schedules listed are provided as guidelines to assist in the planning of projects to be submitted to ITS Document Services. ITS Document Services is solely responsible for determining production schedules and completion dates. Pick up or delivery time is not included. Rush and custom services will be offered based on production capability at the time of the request.

Quality Assurance

Proofs: ITS Document Services may require signed proofs by customers prior to document production.

Customer artwork: ITS Document Services will store and retain customer artwork for one year.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will be applied to all sales (unless accompanied by a tax exempt certificate) paid for by cash/credit card/check or invoiced through Accounts Receivable.