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Holmes Student Center
Guest Rooms
Procedure No. 15-5
Issued 8/2010


The Holmes Student Center has 74 guest rooms for overnight lodging.  These rooms are equipped with either twin, queen, or king beds, color television with remote, coffeemakers, air conditioning, private bath and shower facilities, ironing boards, blow dryers, micro refrigerators (upon request), and dvd players (upon request). We will book adjoining rooms or suites upon request.   Four of the rooms are equipped to accommodate the needs of a physically handicapped person.  We also offer two one-room executive suites and one two-room executive suite. The two-room executive suite offers a living and dining room.

As individuals or as groups, the following are entitled to use Holmes Student Center Guest Rooms.

  1. NIU Alumni—Alumni may contact the Guest Rooms Office directly or may make reservations through the Alumni Office and receive a 10% discount during their stay at the guest rooms.

  2. Conferences—Persons attending conferences are encouraged to stay at the guest rooms.

  3. Parents of Students—Parents of NIU students are urged to use the guest rooms.  Students are encouraged to contact the Guest Rooms Desk to make reservations for parents.

  4. University Guests—The guest rooms may be used by people who represent companies interviewing students on campus for future employment, speakers and performing artists, special guests of the university such as visitors from around the world and those who are conducting business with the university.

  5. Visiting Athletic Teams—All visiting athletic teams are encouraged to use the guest room facilities.  Arrangements for use may be made directly by coaches, through NIU Intercollegiate Athletic Offices, or teams may contact the Guest Rooms Office directly to personally reserve rooms.

  6. Student Use and Guest of Students—NIU students and their guests are permitted the use of the guest rooms.  The student shall be responsible for guest room payment should payment not be made by the guest.

  7. General Public—The general public is always welcome and may contact the Guest Rooms Office for personal reservations not relating to university business as they would at any public hotel.