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Materials Management
Central Receiving
Procedure No. 20-3
Issued 7/2001
  1. Responsibilities

  2. The Central Receiving Section is responsible for the receiving and processing of incoming freight, U.P.S., and Parcel Post packages, as well as the shipment off campus of items being returned or sent elsewhere by the university.

    This responsibility includes:

    1. Receiving all packages delivered to the Dorland Building.
    2. Identifying packages as to intended recipient.
    3. Processing and recording necessary documentation of receipt.
    4. Examining items received for proper count and adherence to specification insofar as possible.
    5. Examining items for visible damage and, under reasonable circumstances, for concealed damage.
    6. Notification to Procurement in the event of specification discrepancy and/or apparent damage.
    7. Processing of items to shipping area for redelivery on campus.

  3. Damage Claims
  4. When an item is received in apparent good order and later found to have concealed damage, the procedure for filing a damage claim must be followed in a timely manner. See Procedure 9-8 for detailed description of claim procedure and filing requirements.

  5. Identifying Packages Received
  6. Packages received generally fall into one of the following categories:

    1. Items purchased by the university on a purchase order.
    2. Business-related items solicited by university departments at no charge.
    3. Unsolicited items sent to the university by vendors, prospective vendors, or agencies related to the mission of the university.
    4. Personal items solicited by or purchased by university employees.

The process of identifying packages received utilizes one or more of the following sequential steps, depending on the category of item received and the extent of package labeling:

    1. Examine exterior shipping label affixed to package.
    2. Examine exterior packing slip affixed to package.
    3. Open package to determine if packing slip is inside package.
    4. Compare vendor's name, if available, against list provided by Procurement to determine if package has a purchase order number.
    5. Call Procurement with content description to see if they can aid in identification.
    6. Call various university departments that might have ordered the item, based on past orders received of the same or similar type items.
    7. Call vendor, if known, for assistance in determining who might have ordered the item.

  1. Correct Labeling of Packages
  2. Insofar as possible, items solicited by university departments from vendors, suppliers, or related agencies should be labeled as follows. Please use this address format when requesting items to be sent to you or your department.

    1. Complete Department Name
    2. Person's name (if applicable)
    3. Northern Illinois University
    4. DeKalb, IL 60115-2854

  3. Personal Items
  4. The university’s Central Receiving and Delivery operations function to receive and deliver items purchased with university funds for university use. As such, personal purchases by faculty and staff should not be shipped to the university as an alternative to an individual’s home address.

    When a personal purchase is delivered to Central Receiving, a notice will be attached and sent to the addressee along with the package. The notice will inform the addressee that any future personal purchases received will be refused at Central Receiving and returned to the vendor. Once an addressee has received this notice, all future personal purchases, regardless of vendor, will be refused.

    Any packages which cannot be clearly identified by the address label may be opened in an effort to identify the addressee, or may be refused and returned.

  5. Direct Deliveries from Vendors

Receipt of items bought on a university purchase order, when delivered direct to a department by the vendor, must be reported to Central Receiving so the proper documentation can be processed and forwarded.

University employees are prohibited from ordering chargeable items directly from vendors.

Donations of equipment and supplies to the university may not be solicited for delivery without advanced notification to the Procurement Office by the soliciting department head and the approval of the appropriate vice president. Failure to follow this procedure may result in such deliveries being refused.