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Materials Management
Moving and Delivery
Procedure No. 20-6
Issued 7/2001

The moving and delivery of furniture, equipment, and bulky supplies within and between buildings owned and/or operated by the university, and the transporting of such items to and from off-campus locations is a service provided by university Route Drivers. Requests for this type of service should be directed to the Traffic Manager in writing or made by calling 753-6280.

Requests for moving and delivery are logged in as they are received and documented on a work order for scheduled action. In order for a work order to be prepared, the following information is needed:

  1. Name of the person submitting the request

  2. University department

  3. Location for pick up of items

  4. Destination of items to be moved

  5. Contact name and telephone number

  6. Requested completion date (if timing is critical)

  7. Number of pieces involved

  8. Description of items to be moved

  9. Special Instructions

Off-Campus Trips

For requests involving hauling to or from off-campus locations, the requesting department may also be asked to furnish an account number, to which trip-related costs can be assessed.

Off-campus trips must be scheduled as far in advance of the desired trip date as possible and will be accommodated only to the extent that they do not disrupt normal on-campus delivery requirements.

Off-campus trips will normally be scheduled only during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

Approved trips involving overtime hours by Route Drivers will be scheduled only after arrangements have been made for funding the cost of the overtime.