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Materials Management
Property Control/Surplus Equipment Pool
Procedure No. 20-9
Issued 7/2001

The Surplus Equipment Pool consists of furniture and equipment that has been surplused by various departments on campus, and is available for reassignment to other departments.

The pool of furniture located in the Dorland Building is administered by the Property Control Department, as follows:

  1. Furnishings placed into the surplus pool must be structurally sound and in useable condition "as is."

  2. Items in the pool, for which there is no apparent demand by university departments, will be released to the State surplus depot in Springfield.

  3. Some items that have minimal utility value and are not assigned to a department of the university in a reasonable period of time may be scrapped for useable parts.

  4. The transfer of items into and out of the surplus pool will be authorized by the Manager of Property Control using a surplus equipment transfer form, and will be delivered by university movers.

  5. Furniture may be repaired by the use of parts or components from other unrepairable items, and in such cases may be given a new NIU inventory number before reassignment from the surplus equipment pool.