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Materials Management
Furniture Resale
Procedure No. 20-10
Issued 7/2001
  1. Program Description
  2. Furniture Resale offers both new and used office furniture for sale to university departments. Furniture offered for sale includes pre-owned furnishings, factory seconds, showroom samples, discontinued stock, and limited quantities and selections of new items that can be purchased more efficiently and economically through this program. The types and quantities of items available for sale vary from month to month, depending upon cost, demand, and availability from the secondary market at any given time.

  3. Items and Pricing
  4. Typically, desks, chairs, bookcases, file cabinets, work tables, storage cabinets, etc. in various finishes, colors and fabrics are available for sale. Specific items, not carried in stock, can also be secured from selected suppliers on an as-needed basis. Furniture items will vary in price, depending on brand, model, materials, condition, finish, etc. from less than $100 to over $1,000.

    Purchases may be charged to department budgets as follows:

    1. Items priced less than $100 will be charged to #800 funding using #800305.

    2. Items priced between $100 and $499 will be charged to #880 funding using either:
      1. #880200 - for Office Furniture & Equipment Under $500
      2. #880205 - for EDP Furniture & Equipment Under $500

    3. Items priced at $500 or more will be charged to #880 funding using either:
      1. #880100 – Office Furniture & Equipment
      2. #880105 – EDP Furniture & Equipment

  5. Procedures
  6. To purchase items, contact the Manager of the Property Control Department (753-1437) or visit our website at In-stock furnishings may be viewed at the Dorland Building. When you have selected an item, you will be asked to submit an e-mail with the appropriate fund and org to charge, as well as delivery location. This e-mail will be used in lieu of a Purchase Order, and should be initiated by the person who is authorized to expend equipment funds for your department. The Property Control staff will then prepare an internal billing for processing by the university General Accounting office. The Traffic Manager will also be notified to schedule delivery per instructions.

  7. Tagging
  8. Only items priced at $500 or more will be tagged by the Property Control Office and recorded on your department’s inventory.

  9. Qualifications and Limitations
  10. The Furniture Resale program is available only to recognized departments of the university, and all items purchased through the program remain the property of NIU and the State of Illinois, regardless of dollar value. Items cannot be sold to individuals using personal funds or funds of organizations that are not included in the university's chart of accounts. All sales must be approved by the Manager of the Property Control Department.