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Information Technology Services
Procedure No. 23-1
Issued 11/2001

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides overall leadership for academic and administrative technology resources at Northern Illinois University, with direct control over central computing and information systems, telecommunications, networking, document printing and copying, and general access computer labs. The Associate Vice President for Information Technology reports to the Vice President for Administration. ITS is comprised of four departments: Document Services, Enterprise Systems Support, Information Services, and Telecommunications Services.

Document Services provides printing, copying, and mailing services to faculty, staff, and students through digital high speed printing; a full-service, sheet-fed, offset print shop; bulk mail processing; and management of the universityís copier service. The acquisition and distribution of university-standard software is also provided for faculty, staff and student computer labs through Document Services.

Enterprise Systems Support manages the installation, upgrade, operation and maintenance of the computing resources located in Northern Illinois University's central information processing facility and computer labs. Hardware and software resources include: the university's large server farm; data backup and storage; IBM S/390 server (mainframe); Unix, Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers; and the Novell Netware network. Enterprise Systems Support is also charged with design, maintenance and management of NIUís shared network.

Information Services acquires, develops, implements, and supports all university, mission-critical software applications. The majority of the university legacy systems reside on the IBM S/390 server (mainframe). The majority of new mission-critical systems are running under PeopleSoft. Information Services is also responsible for all Web standards and appropriate applications training.

Telecommunications Services (also known as NIUTEL) manages the installation, operation, and maintenance of the university's telecommunications, data communications, and networking systems and services. Service is provided to all campus facilities including residence halls and off-campus sites. This includes local and long distance telephone services, cellular services, DSL service, switched Ethernet service, paging systems, publication of the university telephone directory, and all related telecommunications technologies and services. This organization operates a central Customer Support Center for all ITS-related matters, and manages the student general access computer labs and various teaching and support labs used by the students, staff and faculty.

The ITS website is found at Click here for the organization chart for Information Technology Service.

Software Policy Statement

Respect for the intellectual work and property of others is vital to the mission of higher education. This principle applies to works in all media, and software in particular, due to the ease of reproduction of electronic information. Northern Illinois University does not condone unauthorized copying of software.

Unauthorized copying of software, including programs, applications, data bases and code, deprives developers of a fair return for their work, may result in increased prices, may reduce the level of future support and enhancement available to the university, and may inhibit the development of new software products. Further, unauthorized copying of software may subject the institution as well as individuals to legal liability.

Unless it has been placed in the public domain, software is protected by the United States Copyright Law. The owners of copyrights hold exclusive right to the reproduction and distribution of their works. The purchaser of software generally purchases only a license to use the software on one machine. Most licenses do not permit copying, although a licensee may generally make a backup copy or archival copy. Some institutional licenses permit copying for use on local area networks or on multiple machines, but such uses must be authorized in the license agreements, commonly called site licenses.

Reproducing computer software without authorization violates the Copyright Law. Civil damages for unauthorized software copying can be as much as $50,000 or more, and criminal penalties include fines and imprisonment.

It is the policy of Northern Illinois University that unauthorized copying of computer software will not be tolerated. Such copying is both unethical and illegal. University employees and students making, acquiring or using unauthorized copies of computer software may be subject to legal action by the copyright owner. Neither the University nor the State of Illinois will provide legal indemnification or defense for employees or students who are in violation of this policy.

The most recent version of the Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy can be found at

The most recent version of the Electronic Mail Policy can be found at .

The most recent version of the System Access and Security Policy can be found at .

Requests for installation of network connections can be made by sending e-mail to the NIUTEL mailbox in GroupWise or . The following information is needed for each installation request:

  • User name and location (building and room number).
  • PeopleSoft org number(s) to be billed for both installation and ongoing monthly maintenance charge.
  • Name and phone number of contact person.

Standard installation and connectivity charges are as follows:

Installation Charge (per Connection) $150.00

Move Charge (per Connection) $150.00

Monthly Maintenance Charge

Per Network Connection $11.00 per month

Per File Server $250.00 per month

Questions should be directed to the NIUTEL-Telecommunications Services office at 753-0963.