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Information Services
Procedure No. 23-2
Issued 7/2001
Information Services (IS) provides information processing services to all divisions of the university. These services focus on the support of applications and systems and on the development of new and replacement systems.

IS consists of the following service groups: Academic Systems, PeopleSoft Systems, Web Development, Business Systems, Administrative Systems, Student Systems, and Technical Services. For more information, please see the organization chart of our parent organization - Information Technology Services.

Project Requests

A Request for Service must be submitted to initiate any new system, replacement of an existing system, or enhancement to an existing system. A Request for Service may be submitted via the web or by submitting a hardcopy form that can be obtained from the Information Services office. The request must contain a narrative and key elements of the information systems processing desired. The request for services is then registered on the request log.

Project selection occurs by way of management review of each project relative to other pending requests during quarterly management meetings, with a designated administrator authorized to set priorities among university divisions that use in-house resources. If a department is willing to fund its project, this should be noted on the request since approval may be contingent upon funding. Requesters will be kept informed of any change in the status of requests.

When a request is approved, IS will assign technical staff to the project and will issue a schedule. A project proceeds in phases, with a checkpoint at the end of each phase for management review and the appropriate "sign-offs." The Internal Audit Department will be notified of all analysis and design "walk-throughs." The implementation phases are as follows:

    • User Requirements and Analysis
    • High Level Design
    • Detail Program Design
    • Coding
    • Testing
    • Verification
    • Implementation
    • Support

    • Post Audit

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, some or all of the phases will be performed.

Functional Problem Report

A Functional Problem Report is required to report malfunctions or errors in an application during the production cycle. IS staff will give immediate attention to this kind of production support request.


Both the Request for Service and Functional Problems Report use the same form. It can be found at