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Cellular Service Request Form
Procedure No. 23-8
Issued 11/2001



DATE: __________________________ CONTACT: ______________________


DEPT: __________________________ ACCT #: ________________________


OFFICE #: _______________________ CELL #: _________________________

In requesting cellular service and equipment, the department, by authorized signature, acknowledges and understands the following items:

  1. Cellular equipment and services are for university business use only. See Procedure 23-7. All calls will be detailed on the bill, including local calls and incoming calls.
  2. The department is responsible for the service and equipment use whether on or off the university campus.
  3. The department is responsible for replacement costs if cellular equipment and accessories are lost, damaged, or stolen.


Model: __________________

ESN #: ___________________


Calling Plan: R______ U______

Voice Mail: Yes_____ No_____


Equipment: Case____ Cig Plug ____


Authorized Signature ______________________________ Date: ___________


NIUTEL Signature ____________________________________

Telcommunications Services offers cellular phone service on a rental basis to administrative users. Those interested in obtaining the service must complete the Cellular Service Request Form. No other cellular service except those offered or arranged by Telecommunications Services are authorized for employee use and payment with university funds. All associated costs will be billed t othe appropriate department. This policy applies to the use of cellular services paid for by university funds. Because premium rates apply to cellular calls, and because the university promotes safe and responsible use of cellular devices, the following additional restrictions apply:

  1. The call must be placed on a non-cellular phone if one is accessible.
  2. If possible, the call should be delayed until a non-cellular phone is accessible.
  3. Cell phones should not be used while operating motor vechicles or engaging in other hazardous activities requiring focused attention.