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Discounts for quick fine payment:
Fines for the following violations are discounted to half the amount shown on the ticket if paid within 48 hours of the citation date:
  • No NIU Registration
  • Improper Parking
  • Parking In a No Parking Zone
  • Permit Not Valid For Lot

Additionally, a No NIU Registration fine is reduced to $5.00 if you are a visitor to campus and pay within 10 business days of the citation date.

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Important Notices & Terms:

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for the payment of citations/tickets.

Please note that you will be billed for the remainder of the fine if you underpay your ticket/citation. Ticket payments may take up to three days to process. For purposes of reducible fines, the actual date of your payment will be used when processing the payment.

Please email or call NIU Campus Parking Services at (815)753-1045 if you have any questions about your parking citation.

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You may contact NIU Campus Parking Services at (815)753-1045 or by email.